When you are making art and being creative you are in your right mind

Through the use of technology and devices we are bombarded with information.  We think and read using the left hemisphere of our brain – the analytical side.  Creativity and intuition come from the right hemisphere of the brain. So be creative & get into your right mind!

 Art Classes PDF

ART START ~ Drawing & Painting Skills Foundation skills and Techniques for beginners.  Participants will learn drawing skills, with a focus on composition, perspective, light and shadow.  They will experiment with various drawing styles and painting  techniques. 

PAINTING ~ Oil, Watercolour & Acrylic Absolute Beginners & Experienced: This workshop will focus on the key elements to creating a successful painting from start to finish,  using oil, watercolour or acrylic  mediums.

MEDITATIVE MANDALAS ~ Circular in design, a process of meditative drawings enriched with personal symbolism.

EXPRESSIVE ARTS (EXA) ~ Tap into your expressive authentic self…  Create intuitively with no previous art skills using several art modalities:  Painting, Drawing Sculpture, Collage, Mask and Doll making, Storytelling, Drumming, Poetry, & Mindfulness.

THE GROUP OF 7-11 ~ Art skills and techniques for aspiring young artists.

CREATIVE WRITING ~ How to tell a story?  How to create an intriguing plot, interesting characters and make sense of if all with outlines…

THE WAY OF THE LABYRINTH~ A walking meditation for personal introspection healing and growth.  A way to release the old and welcome the new.  Create a small finger labyrinth and learn to design and create a small backyard labyrinth.

All Materials and supplies are included.   

Contact Lila for Class fees and upcoming scheduled dates.