Are you in your right mind?

We process information, think and read using the left hemisphere of our brain – the analytical side.  Creativity and intuition come from the right hemisphere of the brain.  Through the use of technology and devices we are bombarded with information resulting in a state of overload and imbalance.  So, when you are being creative and making art ~ you are in your right mind…  

 Art Classes PDF

ART START ~ Drawing & Painting Skills Foundation skills and Techniques for beginners.  Participants will learn drawing skills, with a focus on composition, perspective, light and shadow.  They will experiment with various drawing styles and painting  techniques. 

PAINTING ~ Oil, Watercolour & Acrylic Absolute Beginners & Experienced: This workshop will focus on the key elements to creating a successful painting from start to finish,  using oil, watercolour or acrylic  mediums.

MEDITATIVE MANDALAS ~ Circular in design, a process of meditative drawings enriched with personal symbolism.

EXPRESSIVE ARTS (EXA) ~ Tap into your expressive authentic self…  Create intuitively with no previous art skills using several art modalities:  Painting, Drawing Sculpture, Collage, Mask and Doll making, Storytelling, Drumming, Poetry, & Mindfulness.

THE GROUP OF 7-11 ~ Art skills and techniques for aspiring young artists.

CREATIVE WRITING ~ How to tell a story?  How to create an intriguing plot, interesting characters and make sense of if all with outlines…

THE WAY OF THE LABYRINTH~ A walking meditation for personal introspection healing and growth.  A way to release the old and welcome the new.  Create a small finger labyrinth and learn to design and create a small backyard labyrinth.

All Materials and supplies are included.   

Contact Lila for Class fees and upcoming scheduled dates.