Creative Blocks ~ The Wall of Resistance

Creative block AKA: Writers block, not in the mood, waiting to be inspired, or hoping for the elusive muse to appear = All the bullshit stories we tell ourselves as to why we cannot or will not be creative.

All of the above are just excuses for doing nothing or for doing something else non-productive.  i.e. Internet, social media & device addiction.   We complain about external influences that thwart our efforts and lay blame on people or things that divert our progress off our creative path.

In Expressive Arts, resistance can be felt when one is about to try something new, break out of the box, get up in front of a crowd and do something different – be someone different.  The work is to feel the resistance and push through it.

Resistance puts up a wall between us and our art.  It is a wall of indecision and procrastination, a wall of excuses and reasons as to why we don’t have time, why we can’t, shouldn’t, won’t or don’t.  The reasons for resistance are endless.

Resistance is the lock on the door to our personal expression and creative expansion.  But, the secret is – we all have the key.  Resistance does not interfere when we are actively engaged in the act of painting, drawing, writing, sketching, typing or sculpting.  Resistance is found in the moments before we start.

The most surprising thing is the ease and enjoyment we experience when

We. Just. Get. Started.

Like riding a bicycle.  Back in the saddle.  And after much self-beratement and chastising is set aside;  the obvious question comes: “I love doing this.  Why did it take me so long?”

The key to opening the door is recognizing the resistance, then move forward, and just do it.  The rewards are great.  There is much joy & inspiration, industriousness & pure invention on the other side.  And the premise is simple – nothing comes without effort.

Keep a journal – a bullshit log.  Write down all of the times and reasons you gave yourself about why you couldn’t or wouldn’t make time for your writing, your art, your music, yourself.

In that diary you will find your particular pattern of resistance.  You have the answer.  You are the dynamite.  Now break down the wall.



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